Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Flawed Argument

Posted by Teresa at 8:33 AM
Ok, I thought I would never address this argument because
it so flawed that it's not worth it. However, I keep hearing
it repeated by atheists so I thought I should take a go at it.
I even hear this claim from intellectuals such as Christopher
Hitchens and Richard Dawkins. You know that "religion is
the reason why we have wars" spiel. Well, I again I was
presented with this argument when I read a Letter to the
Editor in today's Caller Times
. Here is what Mr. Stone

"Until the religious teachings of each faith is forever discarded
to the ash bins of history, there can never be viable peace in
the Middle East, or anywhere else for that matter. The solution,
obvious to a pagan infidel such as me, is to create two states side
by side."

He then goes on to write:

"The whole world is now hostage to a quarrel that could eventually
end in nuclear war. But then, violence, irrationality and intolerance
have been the theme of organized religion since the beginning of man."

Oh, where should I begin. First, one can easily make the claim
that most wars are much more about land and gaining political
power than they are about doing the will of God. I would say
greed is the mitigating factor not religious zealousness.

Second, if we stripped people from religious beliefs there would
still be war. I do believe Joseph Stalin outlawed religious sects.
Oh, and Fidel Castro has oppressed the Cuban people for decades
and he has no religion. So no religion does not guarantee no war.
Try again.

I would also make the argument that religious people are often part
of peace movements too. I'll give you two names: Reverend Martin
Luther King and Ghandi. But people who want to attack religious people
don't want to point that out.

I believe atheists have many good points about religion but the
argument if we got rid religion we would have no problems is not true.
Really, it's almost like saying if there was no religion we would no longer
have poverty. I feel like I'm stating the absolute obvious but I guess we
all need to be reminded of things from time to time.


Jason on 2:14 AM, September 27, 2007 said...

If it wasn't for Christianity, there would be nothing but mass chaos and war everywhere on this planet.


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