Monday, September 24, 2007

Newspaper Editor Won't Resign Over Profound Editorial

Posted by Teresa at 6:26 PM
Some people just won't give up. The editor of the Rocky Mountain
Collegian, J. David McSwane, who managed to come up with an
articulate and oh so original four-word editorial (Taser This. F***
Bush) won't step down.

You know what really gets me mad about this case is that this
journalism student couldn't find anything else to fill up the empty
space. He's claiming he did it to start a discussion about free
speech. I call this bull crap (pardon my language). He did it because
none of his busy student writers found the time to come up with
something. As someone who has edited the opinion section for my
school online newspaper I know it's hard but surely there were
other avenues he could have taken.

Also, I've had it with people using the First Amendment to hide behind
when explaining their poor decision making. It has absolutely nothing
to do with free speech. I've said this all before. Hey Mr. McSwane, you
could've rehashed a former opinion you've stated and applied to a new
current event like I just did and printed that. Instead, you went with the
least creative and unoriginal route and went with something offensive.



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