Thursday, September 20, 2007

No wonder this poltical blogger isn't working out for me

Posted by Teresa at 12:31 PM
I was wondering why all my high brow discussion of
politics wasn't catching on. According to a Rasmussen
Reports telephone survey
"most voters say that the
debates and other campaign activities so far have been
annoying and a waste of time." I couldn't agree more.
There seems to be debate after debate that produces
absolutely nothing new. Its early and the public is
already exhausted about hearing which candidate said
what today. It seems this long campaign season is only
more fodder for these guys:

Ok, and me.

The survey also found that '"72% of voters would favor a
proposal to shorten the Presidential campaign season so
that no one could begin campaigning more than a year
before election day." Count me in the 72 percent.
But then again what would the news be covering if there
wasn't all this campaigning? More O.J. and Britney Spears
coverage because we surely haven't gotten enough of that.



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