Thursday, September 20, 2007

Headlines 09-20-07

Posted by Teresa at 12:12 PM
Thousands rally at Jenna- "Sharpton called Jena the beginning
of the 21st century civil rights movement."
50% favor government guaranteed health care- If I had a job I
think I would be able to feel my taxes about to go up.
Sen. Clinton compares Cheney to Darth Vader- Welcome to the
dark side, Hill..... bwahaahaaaaa.
Dude, Colbert totally stole my joke- I steal my material from Bill
O'Reilly and all the time.... just joking:)
Dude, Hillary totally stole my husband's health care plan- I don't
think so Sen. Edwards, Hillary has the "battle scars" to prove she
fought for health care first.



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