Friday, October 5, 2007

Anyone but her?

Posted by Teresa at 8:00 AM
If you've read my blog before you know I've never been a big fan
of Hillary Clinton. Just read here, here, or here. I've been
starting to wonder if I have been unfair to her. When I
think about it she is the most moderate sounding Democrat
running right now. She is not calling for an immediate
withdrawal from Iraq like Richardson did yesterday or Dennis
. She is pro-choice but I find it interesting that
she seems to even reach out some to pro-lifers when she calls
abortion a "sad, even tragic choice to many, many woman."
As the New York Times article title suggest she is trying to find
common ground with people who don't agree with her. Hey,
I'm all for moderates in government.

However, she is still a polarizing figure. You see that is the thing
about Sen. Clinton she can say one thing but people still don't
believe her. She can portray herself as a moderate all she wants
but I don't necessarily believe her. I know it is hard to trust
any politician these days but it is not just Republicans that don't
view her favorably (see Obama supporters).

And I'm sure Republicans have their reasons why Sen. Clinton
brings out the partisan in them. During the whole Lewinsky
scandal she dismissed it as a "vast right wing conspiracy." To
her defense though, the way Republicans went after her husband
was vicious but it wasn't a conspiracy. I don't agree that everything
her husband did should reflect on her. She has done her fair share
to upset Republicans alone. Recently during the Petraeus' testimony
she told him his testimony requires a "willing suspension of disbelief."

You know how in the 2004 election Democrats got the "Anyone but
Bush" syndrome. Where not only they didn't like President Bush's
politics but him personally. The way he walks, talks, etc. I was starting
to get the "Anyone but Hillary" syndrome. Even her laugh was getting
to me:

So I've decided to focus my writing on Sen. Clinton simply about her
politics and nothing personal.



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