Friday, October 5, 2007

One issue voting

Posted by Teresa at 10:05 AM
Yesterday James Dobson had a piece in The New Yorks Times
basically saying that if the major parties don't nominate a pro-life
candidate he is going to take his vote elsewhere. Also, yesterday Log
Cabin Republicans, a group more moderate in social issues, put out this

It perplexes me how abortion keeps on being such an important
issue in elections. I will quickly disclose my personal views on
abortion. I use to be a strong pro-lifer but not so much anymore. I still
believe abortion is immoral but I don't think it should be illegal. I don't want
us to go back to when abortions were done in unsafe conditions. Ironically,
I don't think the conservative judges in the Supreme Court want that to
happen either.

Many evangelicals, like Dobson, will absolutely not vote for a pro-choice
candidate. Understandably, they feel passionate about the issue. It seems
like you can't have a dispassionate view on abortion these days. However,
I maintain that it is not wise to be a single issue voter especially on a issue
that is not likely to change any time soon.

I want a president who is strong on terrorism and stands for fiscal responsibility.
These are dangerous times and I want a president who can deal with national
security issues most importantly. There are other social issues Christians should
also be concerned about besides abortion. Poverty and injustice are dealt with in
the Bible too. Where's the moral outrage on those issues? We can't be selective.

Going somewhat off topic for a while. Sarah Silverman believes abortion is
funny (hat tip: Hotair). Look at this:

I'll repeat what I sarcastically wrote on Hotair: I’ve noticed lately
women comics are making more abortion jokes. You know like Carlos
Mencia talks about race. Well, now women comics have to add an abortion
joke to their repertoire so when VH1 does a special on them they can say,
“I not only did jokes but I did social commentary.” I makes the silliness they
are doing seem more important. Thanks, Sarah Silverman, for your
enlightening social commentary. Here is another unfunny abortion
joke example from network television:

Amy Schumer Last Comic Standing

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Ok, wow, I made it through my first complete 'abortion' post. Hope no one
is offended.



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