Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Flashback: Twenties are ackward

Posted by Teresa at 3:48 PM
I got a comment today on one of my very first blog posts
. The post is just a few sentences about how being
twenty-something is such an awkward phase of life.
Everything is so undetermined. The anonymous
commentator wrote:

"Ur rite, I'm in my twenties n am completely lost"

I'm still trying to figure things out myself and trying to
adjust to all the changes that occur during this time period.
I've learned just to go with the flow and let God lead me.
I know it's easier said than done. I've also learned not
to be scared to make the small mistakes and grow from them.
I once heard a comedian (I forget which one) say, "You spend
your thirties making up for all the bad choices you made in your
twenties." Just know, anonymous, that you are not alone in your

I'm wondering if any of my readers who've made it through their
twenties have any advice for this commentator. Perhaps some words
of wisdom and inspiration. I'm sure every stage of life has its
disadvantages but it would be interesting to hear from someone who
has been there and done that.

This song is dedicated to you:

Side note: I know I use to be an awful blogger when I first started
and some will say I still am.



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