Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In the Middle

Posted by Teresa at 11:51 AM
The Democrats should have the office of the Presidency next year.
All signs point good for them. People want change and Democrats
say they are a good change from eight years of a Republican presidency.
The American people are not in favor of the war in Iraq and most
of the Republican candidates are so they practically got the
election in the bag. It's inevitable, right? Not so fast my friends.

There's so much partisanship going on right now and people are looking
for a voice of moderation. Someone who can work with Democrats and
Republicans alike. If anybody is gonna to lose the election for the Democrats
it's going to be the extremists of the party. Who are the extremists? Well,
it's the and part of the party.

There is something that the Republican party is doing right with their top
tier candidates. They have chosen political moderates. Rudy Giuliani is the
former mayor of New York City, which is not really know for it's conservative
values. He's also not socially conservative. Mitt Romney has been the governor
of the Massachusetts, a liberal state. While governor he was pro-choice but
apparently not anymore. Senator John McCain often works with both Republicans
and Democrats in the Senate. Although, his attempts to reach across party
lines haven't always been successful.

The Democratic front leader, Hillary Clinton (for those who haven't been keeping
up), on the other hand has negative ratings in excess of 40 percent. Therefore,
I'm assuming she doesn't have bipartisan appeal. I don't think we'll be hearing
about those "Hillary Republicans" like we hear the term "Reagan Democrats"
thrown around. Barack Obama, who's coming in second in national polls, is so new
to the scene I'm not sure if he plays well with others yet. Although, he certainly talks
the talk.

So my advice to all the candidates running for the presidency is to stay at the
center because that is where you will find the American people. You won't
find us protesting with Code Pink, commenting on hate blogs, condemning
General Petraeus in a New York Times ad, or even debating who is the most
anti-abortion like the Republicans did last Sunday. No, you will find the American
public in the middle of life. In the middle of raising families. In the middle of
getting an education. In the middle helping in the community. You will also
find us in the middle when it comes to politics.


Anonymous said...

Nothing is "in the bag" by a long shot regarding next year's presidential election. It's a long way off, politically-speaking...


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