Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Headlines 10-16-2007

Posted by Teresa at 11:03 AM
Here are some nifty headlines for you to discuss.
Ok, one of these links is more of a food for thought
article more than an actual headline. Oh, well.

Poll: Mixed feelings on health insurance (USA Today) -
"55% are very or somewhat concerned that the program would
create an incentive for families to drop private insurance. Bush
and Republican opponents have called that a step toward
government-run health care." Maybe there is something the
American public somewhat agrees with Bush on.
Gossip more powerful than truth (AP) - Did you hear about the
study out Germany and how they manipulated the variables to
get a certain outcome? Shh....don't tell anybody I told you, ok?
Shield law for journalists (API) - This article presents some good
questions. For example, "Who gets to decide who is a journalist?"
Texas senator will not seek re-election - "Republican Kay Bailey
Hutchison will not seek re-election after her current Senate term
and may leave before her term ends in 2012 to run for Texas governor,
a spokesman for the senator says." Hey, I have to get some Texas news
in here every once in a while.



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