Sunday, October 21, 2007

Live twittering the Republican debate

Posted by Teresa at 10:07 PM
I attempted to Twitter the debate live today.
I got interpreted by some other things but here
is my first try at such a thing (from earliest to last) :

*Watching the Republicans debate who's the most conservative.
Rudy is getting his conservatism questioned but he can beat that
other NYer.

*Huckabee: Wait till the hippies get into the Medicaid system and
find out about all the free drugs.

*And let the HIllary hatin' begin!!!

*Ron Paul: We can't even protect our own cities while we prance
around the world.

*Fred Thompson says he's not lazy.

I really enjoyed this debate and there was a lot of great one liners.
I must admit I'm starting to believe that Rudy is possibly the one
that can beat Hillary.

Hotair posted video highlights of all the Hillary hatin':



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