Monday, October 22, 2007

Yahoo! News why do.....

Posted by Teresa at 11:01 AM
have the guy who drew this offensive cartoon featured
so prominently in the 'Opinion' section of Yahoo! News?

Oh and what a gem his rants, I mean opinion articles, are;
here's a quote:

"Speaking of war criminals, Bush won 80 percent of the
Christian fundamentalist voting bloc in 2004. (If they can
show me where Jesus advocates the murder of hundreds
of thousands of people, I've got another ten grand set aside.)
This year, however, the Christian soldiers are in play, dissatisfied
with the entire field of presidential candidates."

Updated: As soon I finished writing this they took him out of the front
page. I guess I wasn't the only who didn't want to see his 'views'
on the front page of a Yahoo! News section or the page just needed
updating. I don't know.



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