Thursday, November 29, 2007

Guns, God, and Gays

Posted by Teresa at 9:25 AM
I watched the CNN/YouTube Republican last night and while I think the
candidates did pretty well, CNN did a horrible job. This might sound
odd from a church goer from Texas but I'm getting fed up with Republicans
always getting questions about their religion (particular how it affects their
stance abortion), gun rights, and gay marriage. It's getting absolutely ridiculous!

I know the GOP mostly brought this problem on themselves. They
wanted to pander to the religious right so they continually raised these
issues. But now we have people like Rudy Giuliani in the party who don't
hold the traditional GOP views on abortion, gun rights, and gay marriage
and he's by in large accepted in the party. He has even been endorsed by
some in the religious right (see his Pat Robertson endorsement). So can
we just move on from these issues to other important foreign and domestic

And I'm pretty sure the candidates are getting exhausted of getting theology
quizzes like in the video provided below when they are running for the President
of the United States :

As a conservative I'm concerned that the media is turning us into a caricature
that the now leader of the DNC, Howard Dean, once said we were. I wouldn't
be upset if the next time a candidate gets asked about "guns, God, or gays" if
he immediately changed the topic since he's probably already answered the
question already for the millionth time. Lets move the conversation forward.
It's turning offensive and demeaning.

Another point I want make is that we shouldn't be surprised that these were
the questions that were asked by YouTubers. YouTube is dominated by media
saturated young people who are so neck deep in media they even want to create
their own videos. These young people have been repeatedly told by mainstream
media that Republicans are mostly "fundies," homophobic, and card carrying
members of the NRA. So it's no surprise that when they get the chance to ask
the Republicans candidates a question these are the issues they want addressed.

And now it appears that several of the questioners of the debate were actually
Democrats. This is what I wrote about the topic on Hotair:

But what did you expect from a YOUTUBE debate? If you look at the
political videos on Youtube there mostly liberal rants from young people.
Most of the popular video bloggers (not just on Youtube) are unabashedly
liberal. So CNN should have known that the pool they were gathering from
were trying to ask “gotcha” questions and they should have been more
careful. It’s obvious.

CNN wanted to team up with the netroots to appear young and hip to
technology. And surprise, surprise the netroots hate everything conservative.
But at least Republicans can say they were willing to go where they weren’t
welcomed. You can’t say that about the Dems. They didn’t want to go on
Fox News.



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