Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Religious Nut

Posted by Teresa at 5:03 PM

I've heard people make the claim that President Bush is a religious nut
or zealot. I'm not entirely understanding where people who make this
claim are coming from. Help me understand.

People have said that Bush sees the current as a battle between Christianity
and Islam, a Holy War. However, he has said the exact opposite that this is
not a "religious war." In this video he even apologizes for using the term "crusade"
and admits he was wrong:

So, someone tell me please when has the Commander and Chief ever
justified the Iraq war or anything for that matter done solely on his own
religious beliefs? Also, note in the video how he says that he believes people
of all religions can go to Heaven. That does not sound like fanatical Christian
to me. In fact, he sounds just like Oprah! If President Bush is a religious nut
than the bar of nuttiness has been set extremely real low. If that's the
standard Oprah and I need to be institutionalized, quick!

Yes, Bush has used the term "evil" to describe terrorists and state supporters of
terrorism, which does connote religious verbage. But that does not make him
a religious madman but he's using an accurate description of terrorists who kill
innocent people. If terrorists aren't evil than who in this world is? I already know
what some liberals will says: Dick Cheney.

Now some have given presidential hopeful, Mike Huckabee, the "nutty" label
for being a former Baptist preacher. And again I believe it has been unfairly
given. Here is on O'Reilly explaining his religious beliefs when you can see he
would prefer to talk about policy:

Lets be careful who we call a "religious nut" because when a real religious
zealot appears the label might just lose its weight and power. And believe
me there are surely some religious zealots on the world stage.



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