Thursday, November 8, 2007

The World of Political Vlogging

Posted by Teresa at 12:20 PM
There are so many political video blogs out there I'm starting to lose
count. There are some that focus on humor. Some political vlogs slant
to the left and some slant to the right. I want to take the time to look
at some of the political video blogs out there. I got the idea from Chuck
Olsen. Hey, the internet is all about sharing ideas, right? However, my
list will include some conservative vloggers.

Some of the political videos out there are absolutely dull and long but should
political news always be controversial and entertaining? However, there's
so much fun and entertaining stuff out there. Now to my list and sorry guys
it doesn't include anything from Barely Political:

1. I just started watching the Playbook over at Politico. It's short so you
can take a very short break at work and watch it. The host, James Kotecki,
is energetic and humorous. The Playbook is new every weekday. Here is the
latest video:

2. Another video blog I believe is promising is the show NewsBusted. It
has a late night comedy feel from a conservative perspective. However,
they seriously need to get rid of the laugh track. You can't force comedy.
I'm not sure how often they update their video but their blog is updated
everyday. Here is the latest episode:

3. One of my personal favorites video bloggers is conservative Mary Katherine
Ham. Her videos are usually short and funny. The production quality of
her videos need to be stepped up though. Here is one of her videos:

4. Chuck Olsen mentioned Cup O Politics. The first episode was fun so we'll see
where it goes from here.

The internet is so vast with so much good and bad content. To be honest it's
hard to do a political video blog (or blog for that matter) and do it well. You
really need to have all the elements are there. It has to be creative, interesting,
informative, a little fun, and also excellent production quality. I also suggest for
aspiring political video bloggers not to do anything that could be easily said in a
written blog post. I once tried my hands at it a while back. Yeah, not so good.

So tell me what political video blogs do you enjoy? What are you looking
for in a political video blog?

P.S. HotAir bring back the Vents!


Chuck Olsen on 4:32 PM, November 08, 2007 said...

Great post! I totally neglected Politico... others I haven't seen and will have to check out.

Cris Seligman on 8:38 PM, November 08, 2007 said...

Wow, I'm a lefty, but I like humor. I watch the politico vlog on a pretty regular basis. I've also watched a couple of episodes of "newsbusted" which stink to high heaven. "Humor" would barely describe what they have there...almost as funny as the now defunct attempt at daily-show-ery on late night Fox. They're about as funny as the stuff on the "news buster" website, which is pretty consistently waaaaaay off base. Get better writers, right or left, and we'll tune it in. I'd like to see some decent right-wing humor online...where is it?

Teresa on 9:17 PM, November 08, 2007 said...


I agree. I haven't found that much decent conservative humor. I have no idea why that is. I would hate to generalize but there's almost a stigma that if you're a conservative automatically you get some funny points taken off. I would also suggest the liberals just seem to be more media savvy by in large, therefore, have more experience with what works and doesn't in the comedy department.

Yeah, but when I apply for a television comedy writer job soon (since all these writers are on strike) I'll pretend I'm a liberal. I'm gonna have to find a Hillary '08 bumper sicker here in Texas. Oh crap, that's gonna be hard!


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