Friday, December 21, 2007


Posted by Teresa at 10:57 PM
I was reading this the Wikipedia entries of the presidential candidates tonight.
I also decided to see what was in the entry for the 1992 presidential campaign. I
found this portion of the Wiki entry particularly interesting:
For his part, Bill Clinton organized his campaign around another of the
oldest and most powerful themes in electoral politics: change. As a youth,
Clinton had once met President John F. Kennedy, and in his own campaign
30 years later, much of his rhetoric challenging Americans to accept change
consciously echoed that of Kennedy in his 1960 campaign.
Barack Obama is largely running on the theme change:

(picture source)

Oh, the irony! Hillary Clinton is basically running against her
husbands' same theme from 1992. And she knows it:

However, she can't effectively claim she will bring change when
she's the wife of a two term former president. Here's a video of Bill
Clinton arguing it's more about experience than change:

So Bill Clinton today by making the case against Barack Obama is
in essence also arguing against his own 1992 campaign theme.



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