Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Presidential Candidates Get into the Christmas Ad Spirit

Posted by Teresa at 12:02 PM
There's no better way to celebrate massive American consumerism,
I mean Christmas- Jesus' birthday, then heart warming political
advertisements. Here's the Obama family wishing voters a Merry

Here's Rudy Giuliani and more of his promises:

A holiday greeting from Mike Huckabee:

Hillary brings gifts that taxpayers paid for:

And please get your rest during the holidays presidential candidates because
you all are in for a big fight in Iowa and New Hampshire next month.
Oh yeah, and a Merry Christmas to you too!


apacallyps said...

The Christian right (and other fed up conservatives) are supporting Mike Huckabee, but the right’s pundits are not flocking to support him, and many of them are actually trying to derail him. Case in point:

Rush's Hit-Piece on Huckabee (stick with it, audio of Rush)

The inexplicable anti-Huckabee sentiment in the elite wing of the Republican Party is unbelievable!! What is perhaps most baffling about the punditocracy taking potshots at Gov. Huckabee is that he has everything for which the anti-illegal immigration proponents have been calling and yet they still attack Huckabee for adopting the plan. Nothing Huckabee does can assuage these neocons who have no use for (us) genuine conservative's who believes in social conservatism and populist policy.

Something is very very very very wrong with this picture. Bottom line: The best candidate for the Republican nomination is Huckabee.

Mike Huckabee - The Conservative Choice


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