Friday, December 28, 2007

Getting What You Want

Posted by Teresa at 4:29 PM
These past few weeks McCain has been receiving more media attention
since he's polling better in New Hampshire. Many conservatives pundits
are objecting to Sen. McCain. Apparently, he works too well with the
Democrats and then they're upset about his stance on immigration.
I see no problem with someone who works well with politicians on the
other side of the aisle (or should I say fence, as in the fence that 'real'
Republicans want built on the Mexican border).

The Republican Party is splintered and one of the reason is because none
of the candidates fit the exact bill on conservative issues. No one is going
to agree with the Republican platform on every single issue. Should we be
like the Democrats and kick people out of the party, like the Dems did to
Joe Lieberman, because they don't follow the party line to their exact script?
I hope not.

I would also like to note that I find humorous that Republicans get accused
of being closed minded when it's the Democrats who won't tolerate certain
people in their party. Does anyone know of a pro-life liberal? Or how about
a liberal who wants to increase funding for our military?

Here are some good questions from the Washington Post article I linked to
earlier in the post:
Is the GOP grounded in the social issues embodied by Baptist preacher
Mike Huckabee or the foreign policy experience of former POW John
McCain? Do Republicans see their futures in a former CEO such as Mitt
Romney, who promises to tackle Washington incompetence, or in a leader
such as Rudolph W. Giuliani, who talks tough on terrorism and crime?
Should the party embrace anger about immigration or optimism about
America's potential?
All I know is whoever is chosen as the Republican nominee, not everyone in
the party is going to be happy with the selection. But, hey, you don't always get
what you want. C'est la vie.

Hey, maybe, when the nominee is selected this should be their campaign song:



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