Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hugh Laurie: Just doin' a job that an American wouldn't do

Posted by Teresa at 10:43 AM

I finally got to reading last Sunday's issue of Parade this morning
and I found the most absurd question and they actually gave a
response to it! Here it is:
Q. People complain about immigrants taking jobs away
from us but don’t utter a peep about all the Brits playing
Americans on TV, like Hugh Laurie on House. Why do
producers hire them?
Elizabeth Testerman, Grand Prairie, Tex.
A. Brits work for less than American stars, who demand up to
$1 million an episode. And, when casting, producers are impressed
by a British
accent, equating it with good acting, which of course it
Are we now so afraid of immigration we want to know why Hugh Laurie,
who I would even argue is the best television actor we got today, has a job
in America?

Maybe Hollywood should just hire American talent. Gwenyth Paltrow
is a good American actress. Oops, sorry, she now thinks she's British and
doesn't want to raise her child in America. Oh I know, they should put
Johnny Depp in more movies because he's from the United States. What's
that? He now lives in France and also thinks "America is dumb." Bad idea,
I guess.

I want to see Hugh Laurie's legal documents, stat!



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