Tuesday, December 4, 2007

They Said What !?!

Posted by Teresa at 9:17 PM

As always some truly nutty stuff is being said on the campaign trail
so I'm going to introduce a new 'series' called, "They Said What!?!"
Today's edition includes quotes with bad analogies to relationships
in them.

My first quote is from Sen. Clinton:

"I want a long term relationship," she said. "I don't want to just have
a one night stand with all of you."

Reminder to Hillary: You're a Clinton ex-nay on the one night stand
analo-jay (hey, I was having a hard time rhyming).

My second is from Mitt Romney:

"There is an initial infatuation and people take a close look on a person's
issues and decide whether they want to support them or not," the
former Massachusetts governor told CNN.

Um, I don't think there's much school girl giggling when it comes to



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