Monday, December 3, 2007

Romney to give Mormon speech

Posted by Teresa at 10:17 AM
There had been much speculation if Romney would or would not
give a speech similar to the one John F. Kennedy gave in 1960 about
his Catholic faith. Here is a clip of the historic speech:

Romney has decided that he will give the "Mormon speech" this week.
Here is some more info from the article:
The address, planned for Thursday at the George Bush Presidential
Library and Museum in College Station, Texas, will focus on the role
of religion in American society.

Romney's staff announced the speech Sunday, after months of debate
at his Boston headquarters over whether to make a public address
about his religion. They insisted the decision was made by Romney
last week, before the latest polls were released. posted several resources for understanding the Mormon
faith so I'm relinking some here and also adding the link from the commentator
on the site. Here are the links:
Some of the links are critical of Mormonism but I want to make it clear that
I think it's highly unfair not to vote for someone because you disagree with
their religious beliefs. I think too much has been of candidate's particular
religious views during this campaign. Notice in the AP article Romney
describes how religion wasn't an issue for his father in his political career:
The former Massachusetts governor said religion wasn't a factor when his
father, former Michigan Gov. George Romney, ran for the White House in

"But, you know, times have changed and particularly in a state like Iowa,
there's been interest in religion generally and I think religion does have a
very important role in our society and therefore it's important to talk about
our religious heritage," Romney said.
To think our society made less of issue this topic during the 60s, which was such a
culturally divisive period, than today is ironic. However, I must add that the field of
candidates we have right now is much more diverse mostly due to the changes made
during this time period. I'm curious to hear what others think is the reason religion
has been such a topic of discussion during this election? Is it helpful or a hinderer to
the political process? I think that people really don't care what religion the candidates
adhere to. I think it's the media trying to find something to talk about in a very long



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