Monday, December 31, 2007

A Year of Blogging

Posted by Teresa at 7:26 PM
Well 2007 will be gone in a few hours (depending where you are at)
I thought I would put together a collection of ten of my top posts this
year because it that time of year of endless lists. While looking at material
I've dished out for the past year I was really underwhelmed by my work
to be perfectly honest. So my New Year's resolution is to be more of a
insightful commentator and also a much better blogger. Perhaps better
quality while produce more readers in 2008.

These are my 10 top post of '07 in no particular order and while you
read please do keep in mind I have not received any money from
blogging so take that into account while considering the quality:

1. ) It's all relative.

2. ) Freedom of Speech and Craziness.

3.) I'm in!

4.) Finding meaning

5.) Can you spot the plant?

6.) The New Age

7.) In takes a village

8.) Hugh Laurie: Just doin' a job that an American wouldn't do

9.) iAlways Connected

10.) Cultural Change

So there you go. Have a happy New Year!



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