Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama and McCain win Wisconsin

Posted by Teresa at 8:59 PM
Wow and they called this one early. I'm watching Sen. Obama on television speaking
right now to a huge crowd in Houston. I don't know how Sen. Clinton will come back
after weeks of loses. It's been one blow after one blow. She needs a big win. Texas
will not be a big win for her because of the primary-caucus set up. Also, her lead in
Ohio seems to be closing.

Perhaps, Clinton was never inevitable. She's divisive (apparently, even in her own
party). Her name recognition has actually worked against her not for her. Obama's
whole "change" argument is basically code word for no more Bush's and Clinton's in
the White House.

I'm not counting her out, yet. I don't know if she has anything she can pull out. If she
had a decent attack on him, she would have used it right already. If I were her campaign
I would start thinking of a graceful way of exiting.



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