Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Posted by Teresa at 1:00 PM
Ok, since I almost became a Obamacan myself I thought I would take the time
to address the issue. If you're wondering what an Obamacan is: it's a Republican
who supports Sen. Obama. I want to explain why I almost became an Obama
supporter and why it never really came to fruition.

An Obamacan wrote this in a community blog on Barack Obama, which compares
Sen. Obama to Ronald Reagan:
I saw three things in President Reagan which I see in Mr. Obama:

- True leadership

- True vision of a better tomorrow

- True passion and conviction to get the job done

It may seem odd to many to compare Reagan and Obama. However, I think
the comparison is valid. Look back at how President Reagan showed America
his vision for tomorrow. He showed us a safe, strong America where people had
a chance to better themselves and grow in a free society.

I agree with Mr. Paul, I saw the same thing in Sen. Obama. I do think that Sen. Obama
shows leadership, passion, and vision. Last November I bought the audiobook of "The
Audacity of Hope" and he seemed to understand both sides of the issues facing us today
and also willing to look at opposing views. That was compelling to me. Plus, who doesn't
want to get behind who someone who's optimistic and inspires like that? You would have
to be some type of depressing pessimist.

But then I started looking at Sen. Obama's record. His record is similar to Sen. Clinton's
and almost any other Democrat. I had to take a moment to think. If I would never vote
for Sen. Clinton based on our policy differences, why would I neglect the differences I
have with Sen. Obama? I just couldn't do that.

I will give Sen. Obama much credit. He's a great communicator and he's getting millions
of new voters out to vote for him. That is to be applauded. He might just be inspiring a
political movement in America. My only concern is where's he moving us toward. As
someone who believes in small government, I don't think that's the road he will take us

A couple of months ago when I was leaning towards voting for him part me wanted to
be part of the movement I saw developing. However, I was waiting for more substance.
I never got it. I was hoping to see a glimpse of moderate views so I could fully support
him. I have no problem supporting a moderate. I also never saw moderation. So that's
where he lost me.

This election will probably go down in the history books, no doubt about that. It's been
one surprise after another. So if November comes and Sen. Obama wins with a blow out,
I will probably miss my opportunity to be a part of this mass political movement. Just
as Sen. Obama probably passed on Reagan's conservative movement in America, I think
I'll do the same.



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