Sunday, March 30, 2008

Don't Ask Her to Step Aside

Posted by Teresa at 3:42 PM
Don't ask a woman to step aside:
In comments leaked to the New York Times, Mrs Clinton is said to
have told aides that she would not be "bullied out" of the White House
race and in a conversation with two allies compared her plight to "big boys"
trying to bully a woman.

During a weekend interview with the Washington Post - arranged at her
request - she was asked whether Mr Obama could beat John McCain, the
Republican nominee.

She responded: "I'm saying I have a better chance. You cannot as a
Democrat win the White House without a very big women's vote. What I
believe is that women will turn out for me."
Here's an interesting AP article about Hillary's female support:
Campaigning across the state Saturday, Clinton was greeted by large,
heavily female crowds that shouted "You go, sister!" and "We've got your
back!" in support of her pioneering candidacy. Indiana votes May 6.

Marie Wilson, president of the White House Project that trains women
to run for office, noted that women typically have rallied around Clinton
when she's appeared most vulnerable — from the revelations of her
husband's dalliance with White House intern Monica Lewinsky to January's
New Hampshire primary after the bruising loss to Obama in Iowa.

"Women have always been asked to step aside if it was somehow for the
greater good. In this case, Clinton, and a lot of her female supporters, clearly
feel that she would make the better president and that it would not be for
the greater good for her to step aside," Wilson said.
This is identity politics. I'm sorry but I'm not going to be told that I should vote
for someone because she's a woman, like me. Because she's not like me.
Sorry, but Mrs. Clinton doesn't hold the values and the political philosophies I
desire in a political leader. Pure and simple. Am I suppose to put that aside
because she's a female? Of course not. How is someone who says, "Vote for me,
we are the same gender," progress? In my book that's quite politically regressive
not progressive.

Asking someone to vote based on gender is basically asking people not to educate
themselves on the important issues our times. Just take a quick look at her and
you can see that she's a woman and you're a woman, therefore, she obviously has
to have the same values as you and that's all you really need to know to hit lever
when voting.

What does it matter what she thinks about nation building, she's a woman. What
does it matter what she thinks about the doctrine of preemption, she's a woman.
What does it matter what she thinks of the capital gains tax, she's a woman. What
does it possibly matter what kind of appointees she'll nominate to our Supreme Court,
she's a woman. What does matter it what she has to say about American immigration
laws and policies, she's a woman. What does it matter what her stance on universal
health care is, she's a woman.

If Sen. Clinton is going to play identity politics than I'm more liberal and progressive
than she is because I'm for a woman being independent and free to vote for the
candidate who shares her political ideology and not based on gender. I know I've heard
some of her supporters say that electing Hillary would be "historic" because she will
be the first female elected president of the United States. True. I believe history will
also show her to be historically wrong on the monumental issues that we are faced
with in this point in time. Put that in your history book, boys.



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