Friday, March 7, 2008

Man in the Arena

Posted by Teresa at 11:31 AM
Just finished viewing John McCain's new ad. No matter what
you think of him I think it's hard to say this political ad is not
well done. Here it is:

I'm curious to see if it gets any media attention (probably not).


Anonymous said...

Hey. Followed a comment back here from Just wanted to compliment you on the website. It's well done. By that I mean it seems relatively non-partisan in its analysis, but not vapid.

A blog you might want to take a look at is Generally Conservative, but its got a decent mix of people in the comments who have strong opinions, and therefore don't always agree with each other. Then again, they might also be a bit too hostile with each other for your taste.

Anyway, good luck with your career. I'm just getting started myself.


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