Sunday, March 9, 2008

3 a.m. Call

Posted by Teresa at 11:47 AM
Hillary Clinton's mouth piece, I mean Saturday Night Live,
ran this piece of satire last night:

I guess I can understand the claim that Obama is inexperienced but in
this skit he comes off as incompetent. I don't know where they get
incompetence from. He doesn't strike me as such.

You know what would make this skit funnier if they had both Clinton
and Obama in the Oval Office. Don't ask me which one as president
and which one as vice-president because it beats me. The Dems can't
make up their mind which one they absolutely love more so how am
I suppose to know? So both Obama and Clinton are in the White House
and they phone a cranky John McCain at 3 a.m. for advice.

Or better yet they phone Former President Bush in his ranch in Crawford,
TX. He proceeds to tell them, "You both ran on the exaggeration of my
incompetence and implied because of me the whole world is falling apart.
So, um, why are you calling?"


smitty1e on 8:00 PM, March 09, 2008 said...

No: they call Bush, and he says: is Karl giving you guys fits again? I told him to lay by his dish after the election...


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