Friday, March 14, 2008

Obama and Hillary: Lets Play Nice

Posted by Teresa at 4:19 PM
They, indeed, need to do this. If Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton continue to go after
each other the way they have been it's going to build resentment of the other side's
supporters. I think for democracy to be successful we need two strong political
parties. As a conservative Republican, I want to see a powerful and robust opposition
party. From the AP article:

On this presidential rivals Barack Obama and HillaryRodham Clinton
can agree: They sometimes disagree with their trash-talking supporters
and will try to cool it. Advisers to the Democratic candidates shed some
light Friday on the private chat the two candidates had Thursday on the
Senate floor.

The talk lasted three or four minutes in full view of reporters watching on
the balcony above who could see them talking, but not hear what they said.

"They approached one another and spoke about how supporters for both
campaigns have said things they reject," said Clinton spokesman Phil Singer.
"They agreed that the contrasts between their respective records,
qualifications and issues should be what drives this campaign, and nothing

An Obama adviser, speaking on a condition of anonymity about the private
conversation, gave a similar account, while stressing that it was Obama who
approached Clinton on the subject. They committed to making sure that their
supporters don't get overheated in the future, the adviser said.

Colbert jokes about all the media hype of the Democratic party splitting:



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