Friday, March 28, 2008

Sen. Leahy to Hillary: "There's No Good Reason to Draw This Out"

Posted by Teresa at 3:39 PM

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And the calls for Clinton to quit continue:
“Senator Clinton has every right, but not a very good
reason, to remain a candidate for as long as she wants to.
As far as the delegate count and the interests of a Democratic
victory in November go, there is not a very good reason
for drawing this out. But as I have said before, that is a decision
that only she can make,” Leahy said in the statement.
Sen. Obama hasn't got the delegates he needs yet. So, I think it's premature
for her to leave, especially when it looks like she's going to take Pennsylvania.
However, I admit her chances of catching up in pledged delegates are very

Do you think if enough Democratic Party leaders call for her to give it up, she'll
eventually buckle under the pressure?



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