Monday, April 14, 2008

AP article: Hey, Did You Know McCain is Like Bush?

Posted by Teresa at 7:37 AM

So this is going to be attack till November:

WASHINGTON - The independent label sticks to John McCain
because he antagonizes fellow Republicans and likes to work with

But a different label applies to his actual record: conservative.

The likely Republican presidential nominee is much more
conservative than voters appear to realize. McCain leans to the
right on issue after issue, not just on the Iraq war but also on
abortion, gay rights, gun control and other issues that matter
to his party's social conservatives.

The four-term Arizona senator, a longtime member of the Armed
Services Committee, criticized the earlier handling of the war but
has been a crucial ally in President Bush's effort to increase and
maintain U.S. forces in Iraq.

The article goes on to make a list of several issues McCain and Bush
agree on. Read it.

To be truthful it baffles me why he's doing so well at this point. Polls show President
Bush is very unpopular as is the war in Iraq. McCain is doing well, even though
he is supports the war. What does this say? Perhaps, Bush hatred is not as pervasive
as liberals think, if so this shows a major failure on the part of liberal media machine.
They've spent years trying to lay every problem our nation is facing directly at his
feet and has been called every name in the book. One thing I've noticed is that some
of the attacks on Bush are on personal level, therefore, that doesn't translate to McCain.

Or does this mean that Americans aren't as virulent with their disapproval of the
war in Iraq? Well, I still think most people disapprove of the war. However, perhaps
this shows that even under a Republican administration where the war was mismanaged
they still don't trust Democrats with the military. That will also be a major failure on
their part. They've put themselves in a corner where they have to show the extreme
anti-war crowd they are against the war so they can't take note of any positive progress
made without appearing as showing approval. Thus, making the Democrats look as they
don't want to succeed.

Or perhaps it shows they have picked two weak candidates. One seems to look
down on small towns and traditional values and the other lies. Take your pick!

Don't get me wrong. It's way too early. Sen. McCain can plummet in the polls and lose
in November but for him to be doing so well at this point is a surprise. I know the
Democrats are going to try to label McCain as Bush. Well, he's not. Despite what the
AP article says there are several things McCain disagrees with Bush on. I know the
Democrats will try to portray him as a warmonger. Well, he's not. I'm glad the American
people have been able to see through that rhetoric.


Denney Crane on 2:30 PM, April 14, 2008 said...

He is no where close to being a conservative!!! This type of disinformation will get him elected!


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