Monday, April 14, 2008


Posted by Teresa at 4:36 PM

My goodness. I just watched this quick clip on of this
ridiculous show, "The View," and I was about to have a heart-attack at
the young age of 26. These women are an embarrassment. They just
spew out talking points. Republicans are for the rich. If you're not
pro-choice you are not for woman. What kind of tripe is that?

Do they not understand that economics is more complicated than who's
sitting in the White House! Abortion is a more complicated than being for
women or against women. This is what television "debate" has diluted
political dialogue. If you're a Republican you are for the rich, hate woman,
and are a warmonger. If you're a Democrat you want to raise taxes, hate
God, and are unpatriotic. Let's get real!

How about this: I'm a female who's for women's rights but has moral
trepidations about abortion but I'm not sure if my concerns should be applied
to law. Or how about this I'm for the rich, middle class, and the poor but I'm
not sure if a regressive, progressive, or flat tax system will be most conducive
for a healthy American economy. That's all I want a vibrant economy that
gives everyone an opportunity to become financially stable but not by
redistributing wealth. But I guess television doesn't allow for those nuances.

God help us.



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