Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Daily Show: No Agenda, Really

Posted by Teresa at 7:05 PM
I couldn't help but laugh when I read this profile piece of the chief researcher
for "The Daily Show," Adam Chodikoff. It's not because I found out that The
Daily Show actually has a researcher or because he said something incredibly
funny. No it was this quote that amused me:

Chodikoff insists there's no agenda behind any of it, that he's part
of a comedy show, not a crusade. "The show is anti-Establishment,"
he says. "Bush happens to be the president. He's the one in power."

He adds: "I want to make the smartest, funniest show possible. I
don't wake up every morning saying: 'I gotta get him. I gotta get him.' "

Javerbaum, the executive producer, suggests that a key function of
"The Daily Show" is to make connections and highlight news that the
news media don't. TV news, in particular, he says, "doesn't have an
interest in rocking the status quo because it's entrenched with the
status quo. We think all of these [networks] are really, really bad at
what they do. My opinion is they suck at their jobs."

Does he really think we are that stupid to believe that the people of The Daily
Show don't have a liberal agenda? I find that laughable. I doubt Mr. Stewart
will give Sen. Clinton or Sen. Obama, whomever loses, the lovely send off he
gave Mitt Romney:

I don't mind people being biased. What really aggravates me when they try
to portray themselves as fair when it's obvious they are not.



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