Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Getting it from Both Sides

Posted by Teresa at 4:41 PM
As we know Sen. Obama has been on the defensive lately about his pastor
Reverend Wright. This poll show this his lead in a state that he favored to win
is narrowing. I'm thinking maybe with a tight race like the Dems are having
maybe this scenario was inevitable. If Sen. Clinton had a narrow lead in delegates
and was the front runner she would probably receiving attacks from the GOP
and Sen. Obama. Perhaps, she too would have been weakened by the long
process. If you read this Politico article, the GOP hasn't even been paying
attention to Sen. Clinton and no doubt this has been a great advantage for

The public is still getting to know Sen. Obama so everything that comes out
is a new revelation. If the focus was on Sen. Clinton, I have no doubt that
they (the GOP and Camp Obama) would probably be going over old scandals.

All I know is that it's probably not fun getting attacked from the "Republican
playbook" and the Clinton machine. I was young when the Clintons won elections
but seeing them at work has made me see what relentless fighters they are.
When you put in that perspective, I actually think Sen. Obama has done quite

I have never seen three more ambitious politicians than Senators McCain,
Clinton, and Obama. And, yes, I use the word ambitious because it comes with
negative and positive connotations. I just have a feeling neither is going to give
up so easily. It's been a rough ride so far and I still think we still have a lot more
turns to go.



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