Thursday, April 17, 2008

Obama Responds To Debate

Posted by Teresa at 3:59 PM
He's good:

I wonder if he also thought it was a "gotcha game" when Republicans debated
on CNN/YouTube last year and the majority of the "gotcha" questions were
about the Bible, guns, and abortion. I'm sure they would have wanted to talk
about Iraq, Afghanistan, and taxes.

Hillary responds:
“How many of you watched the debate last night?” she asked the
heavily female crowd at a town hall for working families at Haverford
College in Pennsylvania. “You can see which way the questions are
going. You know, ‘what if the military commanders tell you it’s dangerous
to withdraw?’”

Flanked by her daughter Chelsea and her mother Dorothy Rodham,
Clinton said “that question is backwards. The president tells the military
commanders what the mission is and what the policy is.”

As for Senator Obama’s claim that she was in her element when
she got to “twist the knife” during the debate, spokesman Phil Singer
said “We won’t be lectured by a candidate whose campaign has
advanced character attack after another against Senator Clinton,
calling her “disingenuous,” “divisive,” “untruthful,” “dishonest,”
and “polarizing.”

“It’s clear that Senator Obama’s comments today are being driven
by his need to cover up his awful performance last night.


Tim on 7:29 PM, April 17, 2008 said...

Oh he is very slick... I even came away feeling a little less like I needed to take a shower! (aka Hillary, or any of the Clintons for that matter)

However this rhetoric turns out; whomever finally represents the Democrat party, I'll remember from one of those times I listened to Limbaugh and laughed when he suggested Republicans should vote for Hillary. LOL


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