Friday, May 16, 2008

Moore: Our Biggest Enemy is Internal

Posted by Teresa at 5:59 PM
Michael Moore is still at it:

While Moore said the new film would go beyond Bush, he dropped
strong hints that the president would remain in his sights.

"Our biggest enemy that we should have been afraid of during these
last eight years was perhaps an internal one, and I don't mean
ourselves," Moore said. "I mean people that were up to absolutely no
good when it came to what was best for this country and best for the

He's an embarrassment to movie making. I'm apologize. This man is not a film
maker: He's deals in socialist propaganda. I think Hollywood in the years following
after September 11th has been a complete embarrassment to our country. They
are shameful. There are so many heroic stories from our soldiers coming home from
Afghanistan and Iraq and do you think these Hollywood types would even consider
telling one of those stories on the big screen? I wouldn't hold my breathe.

I think good stories have a way of depicting good and evil. Hollywood has lost out to
moral relativity. Therefore, they can no longer tell stories about war. It is also why
very few watched "Stop-Loss," "Lions for Lambs," "Rendition," and all those other

I give Hollywood a big fat "F" for the way they have conducted themselves
during war time:



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