Friday, June 13, 2008

Funny or Not?

Posted by Teresa at 8:16 PM
This girl made into this year's Last Comic Standing:

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Yeah, I know this post isn't about politics. But it's about Texas. I love Texas.
I love stand-up comedy. I wish comedians would make more jokes about
liberals. Keith Olberman believes Scott McClellan's book is going to be a
"primary document in history." I literary laughed out loud when I heard
him say that. Now that's funny. Why doesn't Jon Stewart joke about that?

It's going to be nice when President Bush leaves and finally the late night comics
will stop making "Ha! Ha! Bush is dumb jokes." Those jokes are really old now. If
McCain wins we'll probably hear a lot jokes about how old he is. I don't know what
kind of jokes Obama will get. His ears are really big. That would be funny. I don't
think you can make jokes about the liberal messiah? He's untouchable. He's going
to make the "rise of the ocean slow." Ok, now this post is about politics.



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