Sunday, June 29, 2008

'Jesus for president'

Posted by Teresa at 7:16 PM
CNN manages to find a young modern day hippie Christian to interview
to demonstrate that not all evangelicals are Republicans. They sure picked
a winner:

The dreadlocked Christian activist from Philadelphia and his team
parked a black school bus around the back. The hand-painted gold
letters on the side read "Jesus for President."

The bus runs on vegetable oil and, yes, it's a political statement.

"It'll be a long time before we fight a war over used veggie oil,"
says Claiborne with a sly smile.

Hmm. I wonder what Jesus has to say about believing lies?

Later on in the article:

But polls have shown that evangelicals as a whole, following national
trends, are disaffected with Republican leadership and increasingly up
for grabs.

Funny how they never mention a single poll. I found a poll that said the opposite.
Perhaps, they think if they say enough times it will be true.

Claiborne has some more radical views:

Back on stage Claiborne takes the crowd through a multimedia

"With the respectability and the power of the church comes the
temptation to prostitute our identity for every political agenda."

Controversially, he quotes Harry S. Truman and Adolph Hitler,
saying each used Christianity to support their ideologies.

Ok, I've heard two different arguments (for and against) Hitler being a religious zealot.
So I just won't go there. However, I've never heard anyone claim Harry S. Truman was
some sort of religious nut. I found this radio address from Truman. It seems like tame
stuff to me. What is this guy talking about?

The next sentence in the article:

The speech is fiery at times, pensive at others. It emphasizes caring for the
poor and the downtrodden.

Yes, Jesus did talk about the poor and downtrodden. However, He never said anything
about government talking away half of someone's paycheck to give it to someone else.
He might want to read Matthew 22:21. Also, the Bible talks about being a cheerful giver.

Clairborne then goes on to compare America to the Roman Empire:

He talks about war and the environment. He also talks about how Jesus
stood up to the Roman Empire, a message he believes is relevant to the
United States now.

"For many of us, Caesar has colonized our imagination, our landscape and
our ideology," he says while a picture of Mount Rushmore flashes behind
him. On the screen "Vandalism" pops up in black letters.

I don't think this guy is an Obama supporter. He sounds more in the Dennis Kucinich
realm. If there's anything I've learned in this election is that conservatives aren't the
only ones enveloping religion and politics together.



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