Monday, June 23, 2008

Many Religions Can Lead to Eternal Life

Posted by Teresa at 3:41 PM
I don't know what to make of this:

Americans of every religious stripe are considerably more
tolerant of the beliefs of others than most of us might have
assumed, according to a new poll released Monday. The Pew
Forum on Religion and Public Life last year surveyed 35,000
American, and found that 70% of respondents agreed with the
statement "Many religions can lead to eternal life." Even more
remarkable was the fact that 57% of Evangelical Christians were
willing to accept that theirs might not be the only path to
salvation, since most Christians historically have embraced the
words of Jesus, in the Gospel of John, that "no one comes to the
Father except through me."

I've talked about how intellectually dishonest this type of thinking is. All the
major religions have very different views on how to get Heaven. How can they
all be right?

It has become politically incorrect to say that other religions are wrong. However,
if one claims that all religions are right then aren't they in essence saying their
own Christian faith is wrong because other religions are quick to claim that Christ
is not the way to Heaven. Again, where's the consistency in logic?

Western Christians have this weird hang up with saying their faith is Christ is the
only way to Heaven. It is viewed as intolerant and arrogant. Should we consider
Muslims that live around the world "intolerant" because they proclaim their faith
is the only one that can lead to Heaven? No, that's what they believe. I would just
have to respectfully disagree. Should people of the Jewish faith be considered
"intolerant" because they tell Christians "No, Jesus is not the Messiah."? Of course
not! Why should they?

I believe that being a follower and believer in Jesus Christ is the Way to Heaven.
My certitude may make some uneasy. However, I'm not going to apologize or feel
guilty about it. I refuse to feel like some closed-minded, intolerant person because
I choose to stay true to the core tenet of my faith.


Ken said...

I think that none of us having actually met God, we all follow the path we're taught trying to follow his will.

I think He/She/It/Whatever cares far more about what you do in your life than how you worship Him/Her/It/Whatwever.

Just a thought.

Teresa on 7:47 PM, June 23, 2008 said...

Ken writes, "I think He/She/It/Whatever cares far more about what you do in your life than how you worship Him/Her/It/Whatever."

I would have to disagree with you. It's not a matter of "how" you worship but who you choose to worship. I think God cares deeply whom you choose to worship. Read Exodus 34:14. I would also agree with you that God also cares about actions.

If one doesn't proclaim a particular faith I can see where your logic holds. However, I still don't believe it is intellectually honest to say all faiths lead to eternal life.

Elvis Julep on 10:32 PM, June 23, 2008 said...

The proliferation of the mantra of tolerance in recent years has exacerbated this notion. We, in society, tend to equate forgiveness and/or acceptance of sinners with tolerance. Christ was indeed accepting of sinners and he did forgive them, but he was not tolerant of their sin, nor was he lackadaisical in regard to their continued sinful behavior.

In John 8:1-11, Jesus is presented with a woman who has committed adultery. He famously forgives her after suggesting that the crowd, eager to stone her, is equally sinful to a man. What many forget are the last words of Christ in that passage: "Go forth and sin no more".

We, as Christians, as often termed as intolerant precisely because we dare to suggest that there is One Way to God. What Would Jesus Do? He certainly would not bow to societal pressure and tolerate some doctrine of plurality when the Truth is quite the contrary. And He most certainly would have us do the same.


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