Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sen. Harry Reid Dismisses Vice-President as "Oil Man"

Posted by Teresa at 4:49 PM
We have sky rocket oil prices and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants to take
the time to name call

Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic leader, responded by calling the vice
president "Oil Man Cheney," saying: "So all that Cheney can talk about,
the Oil Man Cheney can talk about, is drilling, drilling drilling. But there
is not enough oil in America to make that the salvation to our problems."

First of all, why is it a bad thing that Dick Cheney used to have (or still does- I'm not
sure of the facts) ties to an energy company? Perhaps, since he knows what's going
on in the energy business, he might actually have some solutions. Maybe Reid shouldn't
be so dismissive of the vice-president. Also, no one is saying that drilling is the "salvation
to our problems" but it will provide temporary relief until better options are available.



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