Saturday, July 19, 2008

An Overstatement in the Book I'm Reading

Posted by Teresa at 4:39 PM
Yesterday I wrote about the book I'm reading, "Millennial Makeover," and
I was just about to get into it until I read an overstatement. On page
42 Winograd and Hais write:

In the presidential primary debates leading up to the 2008 campaign,
no Democrats took a stand against evolution, but almost all of the Republicans
candidates put their faith exclusively in the biblical story of creation.

This didn't sound right to me. I watched the debates. I checked online to see if this is true.
I found this CNN article saying that three candidates indicated they didn't subscribe
to evolution. I found the transcripts of the debate and found out there were ten candidates
present at that debate. Since when does three out of ten candidates equal "almost
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