Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gov. of State with High Gas Prices Lectures on Global Warming, Drilling

Posted by Teresa at 6:00 PM
I love ironies. Governor Schwarzenegger was on "This Week" boasting on how
California was on the "forefront" on global warming and his state will not do
off-shore drilling. Well, there's something else his state is leading on:

High gas prices.

Here's what he had to say about global warming:

-GOV. SCHWARZENEGGER: I'm very happy that California is in the
forefront on that [global warming]. We are very aggressive.

Yeah, I would say aggressive to people's pocketbooks.

Here's Arnold saying no to off-shore drilling in California:

-GOV. SCHWARZENEGGER: I have no interest in off-shore drilling off the
state of California. People can do whatever they want. I think that's what
McCain has made clear when he talked about that he would give the rights
to the states. He can give the rights to the states but we in California say
thank you for giving us the rights but we have no interest in doing off-shore
drilling because we want to protect our coasts.

I do want to give him some credit. He only "partially" blamed global warming for
the fires in California:

-GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: How much of that do you think is due to
global warming, climate change?

-GOV. SCHWARZENEGGER: Well, it's very hard to say. One thing we know
for sure and that is we've had a drought for two years in a roll now. We have
a lack of water here in California, which is very important why we need to redo
our infrastructure and rebuild our water system again in California. I just think
we need to be aware of those changes. I'm sure partially it has something to
do with global warming also because we've just now broken a record, I think
in modern history in California. We've never had this size of fire and up and
down, seven hundred and twenty five thousand acres of land has burn so far.
This is the worst ever.

Yeah, it was hard transcribing this portion.
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