Sunday, July 13, 2008

More New Politics from Obama?

Posted by Teresa at 6:43 PM
Is this the type of 'new' politics Obama is talking about all the time:

Barack Obama mourned the death of nine U.S. soldiers in
Afghanistan on Sunday, even as he said John McCain's
numerous visits to the region don't leave the Republican
better equipped to deal with its volatility as president.

Preparing to embark on only his second visit to Iraq, as well
as his first to Afghanistan, the Democrat told reporters: "I
will recall the visit he made last year in which he was
surrounded by helicopters and SWAT teams and he came
back and reported how safe everything was in Baghdad.
And I don't think that that was indicative of what was
actually happening on the ground at that time."

He again takes another cheap shot:

Asked about such criticism, Obama said: "John McCain has
been in Congress 25 years, no doubt about that. If this is a
longevity measure, then John McCain wins. On the other
hand, before we went into Iraq, I knew the difference between
Shia and Sunni."

Actually, this doesn't sound like new politics. It sounds like the same politics
we've had the past five years: politicization of a war (and it comes from both
sides of the aisle).
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