Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ideological Purity

Posted by Teresa at 2:43 PM
Dennis Prager has an interesting article defending Sen. McCain to
conservatives who don't want to vote for him. There was a moment
where I was thinking about voting for a third party because I just had
reservations about both major candidates. Although, it wasn't because
McCain wasn't conservative enough for my liking. I'm actually more
moderate. However, after much contemplation I decided to support
McCain. I know it's either going to be President Obama or President
McCain next year. There's no way around it. So I might as well choose
between those two.

There's something odd and perhaps dangerous happening in our politics
these days. There is this want for ideological purity brought about by the
internet. Progressives want the Democratic candidate to walk lockstep
with them. That is one of the reasons why Sen. Hillary Clinton is not the
nominee. It's also because we're all sexists! She supported going into Iraq
and progressives couldn't have that. That is also why Sen. Joe Lieberman
is now an Independent.

Conservatives are the same way. Mitt Romney is not the nominee because
he used to be pro-choicer. Rudy Giuliani is pro-choice and that was a deal
breaker for Republican primary voters among other things. Some conservatives
are still not happy with Sen. McCain because of his stances on immigration
reform and global warming.

I think it's quite puerile to expect perfect political and ideological alignment
with the candidate one votes for. No one's perfect. I fear where our political
parties are headed if the loudest voices that demand ideological purity keep
having their say.


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