Monday, August 18, 2008

Backstage with Barack Repost

Posted by Teresa at 5:03 PM
I deleted a post that I put up just few minutes ago where I was skeptical if
the "Backstage with Barack" contest was randomly selected because of the
the coincidence of someone serving with John McCain being drawn
randomly. I deleted my post because I read this article stating that it wasn't
random but they had to fill out a questionnaire:

An Obama campaign official said "hundreds of thousands" of supporters
filled in a questionnaire on the candidate's Web site to be considered for
the spots. The campaign did not provide an exact number.

So I thought my cynical and stupid question was answered. However, I am
reposting because I still have one more question, where is the questionnaire
on the site because it is not on the Backstage with Barack donation page? Was
the questionnaire after you donate? If anyone donated during this time period
please let me know so I can get this straightened out.

Update: I noticed in the bottom of the page it reads, "If you do not wish to make
a donation but would like to participate in this program, you can still be selected
to join Barack at the Democratic National Convention in Denver by clicking here."
The page it links to has the option to "Share Your Story," so I'm guessing they
probably have a similar box after the donation page. So that basically answers my
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