Monday, August 18, 2008

Obama is So Not Being Divisive

Posted by Teresa at 6:56 PM
Yep, no divisive language here:

RENO, Nev. (AP) - So much for hugging in church. A day
after Barack Obama and John McCain exchanged an embrace
during a faith forum at a California megachurch, Obama called
the U.S. economy a disaster thanks to "John McCain's president,
George W. Bush," and chided his Republican rival's campaign
team for trying to make him look unpatriotic and weak.

Also no divisive language here:

"My opponent John McCain," he said as the crowd began to
boo, "John McCain, you know, he has been talking about how
he puts country first, but I have to say it is not an example
of putting country first when you say that George Bush’s economic
policies have shown great progress. He said that just a few
months ago -- that, you know, we made great economic progress
under George Bush. Then he started running ads saying 'oh,
Obama just going to raise your taxes and he will lead to an
economic disaster.'"

"Mr. McCain let me explain to you, the economic disaster is
happening right now," Obama continued, "maybe you haven't

"He has got his major economic advisor calling you whiners," Obama
said, referring to former Sen. Phil Gramm. "He said, 'oh, the American
people are whining' – one of McCain's top advisors said, 'a nation of
whiners.' 'They have a mental depression. They are just imagining
things are bad."

He forgot to mention that adviser is no longer advising the McCain campaign.
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