Friday, September 19, 2008

The Crowd Says It All

Posted by Teresa at 12:26 PM
If one is ever curious which demographic the Obama campaign thinks
it's struggling with just look behind him at a rally. Remember when
Hillary was going to take Pennsylvania and Obama had those three Abercrombie
and Fitch
guys behind him during his speech and some felt it was an attempt
to reach the so-called "white, working class voters." While watching a
Obama speech today on television, I noticed one particular demographic
stood out. Let's play can you spot demographic Obama needs to gain ground

Don't get me wrong I think Sen. Obama will take the women vote. However,
the thing is that for Democrats women are a demographic they not only need
to do well with but they need an overwhelming majority to win elections.
So it's no surprise Camp Obama is going to do everything they can to appeal
to women.

A commenter points out that Obama held a women's rally today. So this is probably
it. However, it doesn't change the fact that the Obama campaign obviously feels
the need to reach out to women voters.
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