Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Was Wrong

Posted by Teresa at 1:22 PM
I wrote this shortly after Obama's win:

What really upset on Tuesday is that I didn't feel the extreme left deserved
the victory they got. I don't think the folks at Daily Kos deserve victory. I
don't think MoveOn.org, who endorsed Barack Obama during the primaries,
deserves a win. They've acted disgustingly the past few years. I cried last
Tuesday because I feared those people were just legitimized and they shouldn't

I want to apologize. Only a little more than a week after writing this I've already
seen that I was wrong. Barack Obama's win didn't legitimize them. It's proving what
a bunch of whiners they are. After it was revealed that a Obama administration
is unlikely to bring up any charges against the CIA interrogators that used harsh
interrogation techniques against suspected terrorist , the folks over Crooks and
Liars are already whining about it:

However, that's not the thing that took my breath away in this clip.
Listen as Shuster and Turley both matter-of-factly admit that one
of the problems that Obama has in committing to close Guantanamo
is what to do with the detainees there because some of them could
not go through our criminal justice system due to lack of evidence
to hold them or because they've been tortured. No outrage. No
wringing of hands that these people still exist, years later, within
Guantanamo, as we count down the days until George Bush is
finally out of office.

Yet the media can get up in arms about Hillary Clinton can "subvert
her agenda" to serve as Secretary of State and rehash that ad nauseam?
We can have an academic discussion on presidential pardons (and not
fail to mention Clinton, mind you), but when it come to authentic crimes
against humanity that merit a full blown trial in The Hague, the media
yawns, as if it's just par for course.

My god, when did we lose our moral compass that this kind of
atrocity is an academic discussion instead of a rallying call for justice?
Per Robert Jay Lifton, this is our American Apocalypse.

You see they want everyone in the Bush administration in jail!!!

Here is Kos whining about Lieberman getting to keep his committee chair:

In the spirit of post-partisanship, and in spite of the American people's
overwhelming votes for change in 2006 and 2008, let's appoint fierce
global warming critic James Inhoffe to the Environment and Public
Works committee!

Shit, that wouldn't be any worse than appointing fierce Obama critic
and Iraq War supporter Joe Lieberman to the Homeland Security

But in all seriousness, I think we've now learned that Joe Lieberman
is the smartest politician in DC. He knew Democrats were spineless
capitulators who would cave at the merest threat no matter how
many times he shit in their face.

He's probably having a great laugh about it just about now.

Given how much he is hated by his constituents, he at least knows
that the Senate Democratic caucus are a bunch of spineless asses
utterly unwilling and unable to deliver the change the American
people requested.

These folks are never going to be happy. It doesn't matter who is in power. We
have just elected the most liberal President and Congress in our history and it's not
enough for these folks. It will never be enough. They want liberals who disagree
with them on a few issues (like Lieberman) out! So I was wrong. Electing Obama
didn't legitimize them, actually, it might have the opposite affect.
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