Friday, November 21, 2008

Lies About American History Continued

Posted by Teresa at 2:53 PM
Yesterday I posted the first half of the '48 Liberal Lies About American History.'
Today I will conclude the list. Here ya go:

25) The Scopes trial proved that Darwin was correct and Christians were

26) The 1950s were dull and boring and created a generation of conformists
in the workplace and home. Terry's note: Yeah, that's pretty much how the
50s are portrayed on television.

27) Richard Nixon sent burglars into the Watergate office complex.

28) Neither Ronald Reagan's election nor the "Contract with America" proved the
triumph of conservative ideas.

29) Bill Clinton was impeached over sex.

30) George W. Bush was selected, not elected, in 2000, and votes wore stolen
on his behalf.

31) Muslim terrorists are door and uneducated and hate us because we support

32) The news media is objective, fair, and balanced- and always has been.
Terry's note: This lie is funny.

33) Native Americans were great environmentalists, while white settlers destroyed
the buffalo.

34) The first Thanksgiving took place because the Indians saved the Puritans
their own ineptitude.

35) The "Robber Barons" pillaged the land and destroyed the environment.

36) Federal regulators have protected the public's health by identifying harmful

37) Global warming is a fact, and it's man-made, American-driven problem.

38) The Constitution was the creation of "elites" protecting their financial interests.

39) Northern capitalist greed- not slavery- drove the Civil War.

40) The Sherman Anti-trust Act protected the "little guy" and reined in "big
business" abuses.

41) The Transcontinental Railroad's never would have been built without

42) The Robber Barons only assuaging their guilt with their philanthropy.

43) The income tax was created to make the rich pay their fair share, and tax
cuts only benefit upper-income Americans.

44) Business failures and tax cuts combined to cause the Great Depression.

45) LBJ's Great Society had a positive impact on the poor.

46) The decline of American autos and steel was caused by insufficient
government support the industries.

47) The Reagan tax cuts caused massive deficits and the national debts.

48) History textbooks used in schools are unbiased and not politically correct.
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