Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sarah Palin: The Celebrity?

Posted by Teresa at 10:55 AM
According to this AP article, it seems Governor Palin is getting some high profile
interview requests:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Oprah wants her, and so do Letterman and
Leno. Fresh from her political defeat, Sarah Palin is juggling offers to
write books, appear in films and sit on dozens of interview couches at
a rate that would be astonishing for most Hollywood stars, let alone a
first-term governor.

The failed Republican vice presidential candidate crunched state budget
numbers this week in her 17th-floor office as tumbling oil prices hit
Alaska's revenues. Meanwhile, her staff fielded television requests
seeking the 44-year-old Palin for late-night banter and Sunday morning
Washington policy.

If I were Gov. Palin I would agree to appear on Oprah and Jay Leno. Oprah
would be a softball interview. Questions like, "How do you manage being Governor
and being a mother of five?" Jay Leno would also be a breezy interview. All she
has to do is make a couple of self-deprecating jokes. She should skip Letterman.
He's absolutely rude and obnoxious.

On a related note: It appears Palin is the one favored to run 2012 by conservatives,
according to this Gallup poll. It is too early to tell who will run in 2012.
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