Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm Like a Top Conservative on Twitter or Something

Posted by Teresa at 11:04 AM
I'm on a list of top conservatives on Twitter. I never make it on any sort
of "top" list so I'm honored. I'm usually under the "majorly failed" category.
Hey, conservatives have lost two elections in a row, no wonder I fit in so
perfectly. Conservatives if you want to start winning you have got to get
rid of me!

So back to the list. Right now I'm currently number 117. Of course making
this 'Top conservatives on Twitter' list is nothing like making it on Barbara
Walters "Most Fascinating People"
list. I can only hope that one day Barbara
Walters' discovers Twitter and puts me on her 'fascinating' list. She can ask
me, "What were you feeling when you tweeted 'It only took $17 to fill up my
gas tank today. YES!
'?" And I will answer, "I felt very poor, Barbara. Very

So here is my Twitter account. Add me if you want.
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