Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kathleen Parker Doesn't Know What She's Talking About

Posted by Teresa at 4:13 PM
My new favorite columnist (I'm joking), Kathleen Parker, writes
about Twitter in her latest column and you can tell she has no
clue what she's talking about. First of all, she admits she hasn't
posted a single tweet when she writes, "Nary a tweet have
I posted thus far, yet already I have a dozen subscribers."
Uh, why write a column about something you actually haven't
done before?

Also, I don't think she grasps the concept of Twitter quite yet.
Twitter requires you to be brief and the user only has 140
characters to write. I say this because Ms. Parker writes:

Serious twitter subscribers expect more than a mood update, I'm
told, and presumably won't stick around long for less. Or will they?
I recently created an account at Nary a tweet have
I posted thus far, yet already I have a dozen subscribers.

Who are they? How long will they wait? Why do they wait? Will
they spurn me if I fail to twitter? Would a banter suffice? In the spirit
of gamesmanship, herewith a tweet:

"James Dobson's letter-writing campaign to set me straight
re God and GOP appears to be backfiring. Most e-mails from
his Web site the past two days disagree with Dobson."

I typed her possible future tweet on my account and this is what I got:

It's way too big.

Some free advice to Kathleen Parker: Before you start using
Twitter remember it's not like one of your columns so you
have to be brief. Also, before you devote a whole column to
a particular online tool make sure you've actually had experience
using it. You know the importance of experience, right? You
asked Sen. McCain to dump Gov. Palin from the ticket
because she didn't have experience.

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